Terms and conditions

Our company specializes in the sale of refrigerants and equipment that are necessary in the air conditioning and refrigeration.

Refrigerant Boys is a company born from the experience of people always engaged in trading and distribution of refrigerants. Our online sales channel of products for the refrigeration was created to meet the growing demand, our customers, to quickly find what they need, and to order it (through this store) in a few clicks. Our products range from the refrigerant gas , equipment for people working in the world of refrigeration, until the chemical sector for maintenance, cleaning and control of air conditioning, refrigeration and cars.

Our company also offers the service of cylinders charging your property, organizing the transport necessary for collection and return home, in compliance with safety standards and with the utmost speed, even during peak seasonal periods.

With its team of professionals, all with decades of experience in the field of gas for air conditioning and refrigeration, Refrigerant Boys is able to satisfy any your requests, technical and commercial, through customer service: [email protected].

Our range of customers is part of the following sectors:

  • the field of civil and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration (installers, repairers, and retailers)
  • industry spare parts appliances (repairers, dealers)
  • electricity sector (istalla bulls, repairers, and retailers)
  • plumbing and heating sector (repairers, Engineers, spare parts dealers)
  • field of vehicle air conditioning (repair shops, electricians, car bodies, parts suppliers)


Refrigerant Boys srl warrants all products sold for 12 months, the guarantee is still subject to technical verification by our personnel that establishes the nature of this trouble.

To request a warranty for replacement or repair you must contact customer service by writing to [email protected].

The warranty on the cylinders is applicable if and only if, on the valve, there is a shrink seal intact. In addition, all products must be returned – (prior authorization in writing by our company) – and properly packaged and never used.

Failure to comply with one of these normally leads the warranty to decay automatically.



Refrigerant Boys srl It is not responsible for any damage – direct or indirect – caused by products sold, nor to misuse or improper purchase, nor to misuse, in areas not under manipulation (and / or storage) of gas refrigerants.

Always refer to the material safety data sheets for each type of product used (consulting them or printing them in the section MSDSs)

The use of cooling gas is regulated by appropriate legislation and is only recommended to operators of cooling / refrigeration (or similar), with specific skills about.

Of cosmetic products

The aesthetics of the products shown in our website can vary in shape and / or color, while retaining the standards, the features, the features described.


The right of withdrawal is applied according to law only to private customers ie a person who buys the products for personal use and not attributable to its business – has the right to rescind the purchase contract for any reason. This right must be exercised by sending an e-mail within 10 working days from receipt of goods.

For more information on how to withdraw, contact customer service at [email protected].

The right of withdrawal result in the refund of the entire value of the order, excluding shipping costs incurred in returning the item. For shipping is necessary traceability and after confirmation of dispatch and receipt to our stores.

The object and packaging must be intact, with any seals intact, complete with every protection and accessory, parts, etc.

They must also be undamaged original packaging, and must be completely absent traces of use. If the product did not reflect the cases mentioned above, the right of withdrawal will lapse and the product / s will be returned to the sender, charging the costs and return shipping costs. If proper procedure of withdrawal, Refrigerant Boys srl refund the amount paid within 15 days of receipt of goods, by check or direct transfer to the account crediting.

Wrong purchase

In case of wrong purchase, you can request the return of the product (or products), with the same procedures as the right of withdrawal. (See section right of withdrawal). The cost of return shipping will be entirely borne by the buyer. We advise you to contact customer service at the e-mail [email protected] . in case of doubts before purchasing.